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I have always had some kind of faith in God, but it had never been truly aroused because I had never been exposed to the raw truth about God. Once I started to feel Christs calling I found myself in Pastor Jeffs church and surround by the presense of the Father. The kind of spiritual wisdom Jeff has is something that I would have never found on my own, and it’s been verified by Gods own word and work in my heart. I never knew I was able to be a Christian until Jeff showed me that I could, and teached me how to. It’s something to teach you how to set aside your sin and be closer to Christ, it’s teaching on what sin is and how to get rid of it, Jeff teaches about how to let sin go and get closer to Christ. And if it wasn’t for Yeshuas work in Jeff, then I wouldn’t be who I am today. The man has true wisdom, wisdom that comes from God, that wisdom is in this book. And if you follow then you will be brought closer to Jesus every day
Adrianna Harris
I was forever changed by the teachings in this book a few years ago when Pastor Jeff visited my church. I proudly recommend his teachings in the book from a man who knows and hears daily from the Holy Spirit and our Father in Heaven. There’s no counseling in his words….just do it and get on with God. All of us need to learn to forgive…simple as that and get over it. The book has interesting testimonies that will help you with your transformation as well as thoughtful insights which Pastor Jeff backs up with scripture and practical applications. If you want the devil to leave you alone this book will tell you what you need to do to get him off your back. Reading in small portions and then apply the teaching would be my recommendation. FREEDOM is yours for the asking!
Amazon Customer
This book was a well written “Recipe for Restoring Peace” into your life! As I turned the pages in anticipation for the revelations that spoke to my very spirit, I began to see and experience the world around me with a whole new perspective. Suddenly, the struggles people face began to make complete sense and the best part is the author gives you the scriptural arsenal to help overcome! Victory is found when we learn how to “Rule Over Our Sin!” The Last Penny is filled with numerous “healing and sanctifying nuggets” and includes Prayers you can implement into your life to guarantee success through God’s Word and the move of the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend this book and I guarantee you will be a new person after you finish!
Marti Hexum
My husband and I have been truly set free by the teachings in this amazing book, and are living, breathing testimonies to the victory of Jesus’ blood overcoming the world. The truths set forth here by Pastor Jeff Mauer are scripturally-backed, ground-breaking, trail-blazing revelation inspired by the Holy Spirit. They will give you the keys to unlock the secrets to Jesus’ promise that we would do greater things than He did while here on Earth; and to have life, and to have it more abundantly. As you read this book, I encourage you to allow Holy Spirit to teach you, and to lead you into His glorious light. You will be set free!
Jeanette Smith
Wonderful and powerful!